The Satan Clause


The Satan Clause was an experiment in group writing, group directing and group production. There was no one person in charge and that made for some interesting education. One thing that we learned was that certain dictatorial responses were necessary for many actors. Although the play was a difficult experience for many involved, it was still fun and we got to thrown fake blood made from spaghetti on audience members. That being a major plus.

The story revolved around a character named Chunky Swellness. Chunky was played by three different actors in three different scenes. At the beginning of the play Chunky is met with three mysterious visitors who basically, through a variety of methods, let him know that he will be a new messiah and that his assention will displace some of the better known characters of our current religious mythology. Chunky is not sure how to react to this heavy news, yet perseveres on the path that he has been sent. A Greek style-chorus was employed between scenes to convey information to the audience. In Scene 2, we find Chunky imprisoned in the psychiatric ward. It seems that she has had a confrontation with some non-believing police officers, and when pushed to provide a "miracle", she turned them into donuts. Seemed funny at the time, but now Chunky is not feeling so good about it.

Chunky's doctors are rather psychotic themselves.

Eventually Chunkster works her way out of the hospital and back to his disciples who have been anxiously awaiting his return.
The Chunky Swellness worshipping freaks in scene 3. Two more shots of those freaks.

Chunky informs them of his change of heart and upon that admission, his disciples decide to lynch him, because after all "messiahs need killin' like peanut butter needs jelly".

This play was performed at two of our favorite venues, neither in existence anymore. The first one was the Red Room, a Santa Cruz favorite bar, where Head Case-O-Matic played regularly(generally destroying the place). And at Live Soup, another bar HCOM played at much. Both of these places deserve a major round of applause, because the people in charge there always let us get away with much much more then they expected. Thank you Oscar, thank you John and Hugh.

Here is some audience at Live Soup.

Here is what we were known for doing at Live Soup(but for some reason not at the Red Room).
And here is a photo of a little of that good old rocknroll provided by Head Case-O-Matic after the show.

A couple more random photos. The Dragon and The Preacher.