Amy Shelf

Amy has been around since the dawn of Pea-Cubed, acting, painting backdrops, making notorious sticker-tickets, writing, and producing. She can tell stories of the glory days of whispered dress rehearsals at 3am, months where no one ate anything other than burritos from Jalapeņos taqueria, and how we were able to perform super-human feats and put on productions quite grander than our meager budgets would seem to allow, all while flying high on enormous amounts of drugs.

Using her experiences as a springboard to less and more important things, Amy is currently a practicing attorney and is carrying Ken's child. She is looking forward to early retirement.

Amy is also known for her obsession with eggplants, and has a collection of paraphernalia that includes an eggplant teapot, an eggplant pop-up sponge, a wide variety of plastic, cloth, rubber, and glass eggplants, eggplants made from origami, paintings and drawings of eggplants, and a husband who makes the best eggplant parm this side of the Tiber River. Please send any contributions to her collection to: The Eggplant Room at the Shelf Estate, c/o Amy Shelf, 334 Park Street, San Francisco, CA 94110

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