Anne Feinsod

Anne Feinsod is a long time singer-songwriter who evaporated to the East Bay from the East Coast mid-early college-attempt-experience. She has been in numerous plays throughout her life and fondly remembers The Good Witch of the North and Fruma Sarah as some of her favorite pre-pubescent roles.

Anne has had the pleasure of being altered in other Plether Productions as well. She especially recalls the play Ho Ho Holy Shit in which she had her hands cuffed behind her back, wearing a bustier and garter beltfor the bulk of the performance -before getting power drilled to death.

She is super chunky about the flunkiness of chunking it up into the style. Kerplunk monk has always krunked and it will be a relief to finally be monkey- for whatever chunkophile. Monkey monkey monkey. SSShlunky plunks all. Blunky.

Seduced by potential superduperstardom, Anne is willing to put her 4th recording project on hold. She is positively glowing with the fecundity of the whole motherfucking beautifulness of the amazing beautifulness of creation and the creative process of Beautifulness.

Anne doesn't want the height aspect of the majority of the chunks in Humans Being to be overlooked. She feels this will be a monumentally momentous strike for all "quirky" supporting short people actors everywhere.

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