Chunk is monkey.

Chunk is monkey and monkey.

This is chunk.

There are no chunks but blunk. And skunk and trunk and hunk. Lunk punk drunk junk, nunk, runk, bedump chunk as well. All chunks are chunks and that's McNess.

Chunky Swellness is the monkey that funks when blunks blunk monkey. This is a shared thing. We skunk we chunk and runk blunk.

You follow?

This way....

The style of the macrophile is chunk. Chunk style is monkey, at this point that should be self evident, yes? So styles style. Style style. Stylophiles style chunk blunk mickey. McMe. McNess...In this "chunky" realm a wide chunkness of mcsortment blunks monkey monkey. I chunk. I will chunk.I chunked. Life, death, love, hate, its all so fucking poignant. (Sheldon Hicks)

In the blunk blunk monk of our chunk, Chunky Swellness arose to chunk. Part Philosopher, part Superhero, chunk blunked his message of runk with every breath he chunked. Her movies are cult classics, her music is cacophony of brilliance, her novels chunk the human experience with a realism that was as chunky as it was true. Chunky blunks that all chunks are chunks. That blunk blunks. That all is chunk and is chunks of chunks of chunk. That as a race we can bridge a communicatory gap within ourselves and our greater being by getting in chunk with our frunky flunk and monk monk monk. This, a Chunky Swellness believes. Chunky Swellness is a true public servant. An example set to all people. It is one of life's great truths that:

"Swellness makes the World more Swell".