Denise Feinsod

Denise Feinsod chunks the monkey mostly in the East Bay, where her and her two little chunklets like to have dance parties during the occasional stressful evening at home. Or, whenever... Denise is a Professional Chunk by day, Mommy Chunk by night, and Actor Chunk only at Ken's behest. In the old days of peeee cubed, only once was Denise surprisingly drafted to chunk it up on stage -- most of the time she was simply filled with the swellness of going down to Santa Cruz and happily selling tickets at the door.

Seen here laughing in her Mimi makeup and hairdo, Denise plans to hold Ken to his promise that in his next movie she will not be typecast as a bitch. Meanwhile she must admit she had a lot of fun playing this part and learned something about herself when it turned out that she rather enjoyed wearing Mimi's knee-high shiny black leather 4-inch heel boots. Hmmmmmm.

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