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Dear Friends and Family,

Hi there. My name is Ken Feinsod Shelf. As most of you know I am making an Independent Film. Movies cost quite a lot of money, so I am now fund-raising. This is a fund-raising letter.

I am making a feature-length film that I hope to be showing in film festivals next year. It is about the life of a small community living in San Francisco. It takes place today. The cast and crew are being filled with friends, family and a core of professionals.

Many of you know about my theatre background, but I will briefly refresh your memories. In 1993, after a youth filled with theatrical experiences, I co-founded P3 (P-Cubed), a Theatre Company in Santa Cruz, California. Since then I have co-written and co-produced (with many talented cohorts, among them Amy Denker Shelf and Michael Orick) twelve full theatre pieces and three interactive theatre events. The vast majority of this has been self-funded, with much needed and much appreciated chunks of help from different people along the way (you know who you are, thanks again).

Writing and performing theatre has brought me many happy times, as well as more than a few happy audiences. Over the years I have fantasized about making a film. In the meantime, I had a very successful business experience, which taught me a tremendous amount about finance, organization, and personal accountability.

So, here I am. I'm thirty-one years old and I am ready to meet the challenges that will come with producing my first movie. I have written the script; I am assembling cast and crew; and PLether Productions, which has been an operational Production Company for six full years, has finally been registered as a legitimate business with the State of California. It is time for production.

Cut to…


I believe that I can make this movie for $65,830. To some that may seem like a lot. To any involved in the business, as a dabbler or a professional, that number will be seen as a pittance. Either way, that is the number I have come up with. Amy and I feel that we can put up around $25,000. This number represents all of our savings as well as a few new loans. Thus I am trying to come up with the rest, $40,830. I have included with this letter a copy of my budget. It is rough, but it does include specific prices of things. Perhaps you can contribute funds for a 400-foot roll of film ($75), key coding prepping for that roll ($15), or a week of camera rental ($500). Maybe you could help with food catering during shooting days ($150), boom stand rental for a week ($30), or five days in the editing room ($900). All these ideas add up to helping make an Independent Film (priceless…).

Please realize that this letter is a necessity. I won't be offended or disappointed or hurt if you don't feel like contributing, can't for any reason at all, or can only offer token assistance (every bit counts!). I feel that my film is important and should be made. Already I have been breathing, eating and sleeping it for five months; I will continue to do so until it is finished.

Please make checks out to PLether Productions and send them via the self addressed stamped envelope that I have enclosed.

Please don't hesitate to call me (415.643.5895) or email me ( with any questions. All contributors will be thanked in the credits. Thank you for reading this letter.


Ken Feinsod Shelf

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