Guigliermo Moilienar, Production Designer

Undoubtedly the oldest guy on the set, Guigliermo Moilienar comes to us fresh off a four-year camera engineering assignment at George Lucas' Industrial Light and Magic.

Guiglie (pronounced "wiggly") started engineering sets and practicals in the late seventies for Electrovision Productions who, through David Sax and the late Eddie Fisher, produced the Experience Theatres in San Francisco, Hollywood, New York and Niagara Falls, Canada. His work can also be seen in Carol Denny's "White Resort", a feature film released in '83, "Promethea" by Ugo Torricelli which nearly saw Guigliermo and the entire production faced with charges of fostering sedition, and the ACT production of "Angels In America" that featured an arsenal of active and amusing stage devices, all of Guig's construction.

In 1997, Warner Brothers hired Guig to produce the electronic practicals for Barry Levinson's production of Michael Creighton's "Sphere". Guig's use of liquid-crystal displays in set design drew the attention of Norman Reynolds ( production designer for the "Star Wars" series) and a subsequent introduction to LucasFilm. Under a deeply anglicized pseudonym, Moilienar's contributions to the corpus of Motion-Control Cinematography, Production Design and the mechanics of motion picture special-effects technologies earned him screen credit on "Phantom Menace" and "Deep Impact" for Special Effects Camera Engineering. In addition, for his work on "Saving Private Ryan","Bringing Out The Dead"," Wild Wild West", "The Mummy"," The Green Mile", "Sleepy Hollow", "Magnolia", "Galaxy Quest", "Mission To Mars" and "Space Cowboys" , Guig was awarded membership in the Academy Fleet of Blue Screen Angels by Industrial Light and Magic.

"One night I was sitting at my bench, tinkering, and along comes Jeff Olsen who says I'm the right shape and do I want a walk-on? 'Sure', I says, and they turn me into the green-screen body double for Chancellor Valorum. In the long shot of the Chancellor exiting his ship on the roof of the Galactic Congress it's really me. For five seconds I was the most powerful person in the known universe."

Guig holds a Bachelor's degree in Electrical Engineering and lives on a houseboat in San Rafael where he feeds ducks.

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