PLether Productions Interactive Theatre Tradition

Each December since 1993, PLether Productions has produced a holiday theatre event. Pea Cubed, the predecessor of PLether Productions began the tradition with its production of "Santa In Lights" in December 1993. PLether continued with 1994's "The Satan Clause", and followed in 1995 with "the santavirus" and then with 1996's smash hit, "Ho Ho...Holy Shit!".

All of these productions were staged theatre pieces. In 1997, we changed the format of these holiday events to involve the audience more completely. The goal of the evening would be that everyone who was there would actually BE the performance. You receive a character and you arrive in character and you stay in character until you depart. Beginning with "Santa's Focus Group",.invitations were mailed out, and, upon returning a committal to attend, all participants received characters. That years party was a success. Since then, we held "The Schlomo-Bernini Affair" in 1998, "The Chunky Swellness Holiday Charity Bowl" in 1999, and last year's sorrowful "Chunky Swellness Memorial Wake".

Things to be taken into consideration at a PLether Production Interactive Theatre Event:

1) YOU ARE THE PLAY! --Meaning, you are the play; which actually means that you (actually you) are in all senses of actuality the play. Understand? Anything you want to do or say or scream or sing or effect IS COOL. So come prepared.

2) You have complete control over your character --Don't like what we send you? Change it. Change it somewhat. Change it radically. Drastically. Change your age. Change your gender. Change your nationality. Change your underwear, at the party! We can and will adjust. Afterall, YOU ARE THE PLAY!

3) Stay in character! --That's important. React in character. Converse in character. Use the bathroom in character. Suspend disbelief, it could become a habit!

4) YOU ARE THE PLAY! --Have I mentioned that? So, take it and fly. Hope to see you there!

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