Michael Orick

Michael Orick has been a human for his entire life. He was born awhile ago and he has done quite a few things since. In fact, he chunked a bunk of monkey back in the style. He still styles for the blunk-o-phile. Michael Orick not only met The Chunky Swellness in the early nineties, but also became him briefly and was lovers with her for a few moons (the relationship ended in shambles).

Michael has performed in many productions with PLether and Pee Cubed. He also did some other things. Some of the things he's done in his life have been really very cool; while other things that he did have not been so cool. Sometimes Michael is interesting and seemingly doing fascinating activities that will really take him places. Other times, he's sort of an assoholic jerk who exudes exceedingly loser-like qualities. All and all he may or may not be.

Michael grew up in a small town in New York. He was sheltered and lived a wonderous life of illusion and happiness. He has since left NY and illusion. He attempts to remain illusioned, but often becomes dis. Michael currently resides in a fantasy called Santa Cruz: where life is expensive and beautiful.

Michael monkey's like chunks and counsellors. He blunks that runkle-file, as though it were some chunk-o-rama-matic device. He runks, as well as stunks and funks and junk junk junks. Michael councils the mother lode and styles the blunk punk of monkey. He is blunktious and is full of monkocity. Nunky punk junks runk blunk and chunk still chunks chunkily. Chunk and munk runk blunk monk punk. Flunk bunk, punk runk style council chunk: also chunk. So, chunk and blunk and monkey runk monk.

For Michael, yesterday was a wonderful day. He got to chunk, garden and do laundry, while cooking food and reading about sports. He drank one beer and smoked some pot. It was his day off. The above photos are from, what he terms, "the neo-print phase of life." His good friends call him Mikey(o) - as in yo - or littlebitchboy. He does not have any pets, pearls, warts, or STD's. He has ten fingers, many books, an imagination, and a spaceship.