Sanjay Shah, Art Director

sanjay shah has perpetual hat head. for two decades,
he tried to only wear a student's hat. but, eyes big
and easily bored, he decided to try on lots of other
hats. he found and wore the hats of a teacher, line
cook, emergency medic, prison tutor, auto mechanic,
boxer, stockbroker, filmmaker, and continued to
refurbish and clean and block his brother, son and
friend hats. paralyzed each morning by the ache of
having to choose between an army of great hats, he
decided one day to go out and borrow a carpenter's
hat. with it, he nailed some hooks on the wall and
hung all of his hats. for awhile, he thought, i'll
just walk around hat-less. his head began to itch and
he wanted to wear a hat again. but which hat? walking
home on a windy day (clearly missing the warmth of a
hat at that moment), trying to figure out which hat
he'd go with, he didn't notice a strange hat down the
street, slowly rolling along the sidewalk towards his