Scott Larson, Director of Photography

Scott Larson (me, in the third person) is a cinematographer and director living and breathing in San Francisco. I, I mean he, is a stronghold, the most influential person on the set who has not succumb to chucking, I mean chunking. Well, he chunked once, and it was met with a surprised, yet somehow sarcastically sincere response from our own Holly Ayster. Since then Scott (known to the cast and crew simply as "Yes, sir, my pleasure, sir") has ceased chunking, and has resorted to the more eloquent and poetic form of communication known as "Proper English". Aside from not chunking, Scott has shot many short films and commercials, and has produced and directed his own short film called Oscar's Killer Bunnies. It's wierd. But a good, and wholesome kind of wierd about a woman who is obsessed with hot dogs, kills people who won't eat them, and then there's some killer bunnies somewhere in there. Anyhoos, he has also been Second Unit Director of Photography on this one movie called Ticker. It stars the little known actors Steven Segal and Dennis Hopper. Soon to be released to a foriegn market straight to video, yet the Second Unit photography is superb. He also teaches camera classes at Film Arts Foundation. Well anyway, this guy shoots a lot of film for a lot of people, hasn't been fired yet, has been rehired by some poeple, and damn, he's handsome.