Stan Feinsod

Stan Feinsod, hardly a household name, is making a comeback after a lengthy absence from the stage and screen. Few remember his dynamic performance as Annie's brother Little Jake in Annie Get your Gun, his powerful rendition of the poet Omar Khyam, in Kismet or his sensitive style as Guard Number 1 in the Emperors New Clothes. Even then, his singing voice was remarkable for its limited range and inability to remain on key.

He was mentored and taught by excellent teachers, Al Czerner, Jessie Wray Cook, and Sally Tobin Dietrich. More recently, Feinsod has devoted his time to parenting three children, improving public transportation and developing new rail systems in Georgia, New Jersey, New York, Puerto Rico, Vermont, Texas, California and Washington. His acting comeback is fueled by a powerful passion for the screen and a commitment to return to his roots.