Actors Characters
Holly Ayster Beth Lane,a thirtyish bike messenger
Niels Miller Mike, a soon-to-be-dead heroin addict
Ivan Denker Andre Lane, Beth's brother, also a junkie
Asher Lyons Phillip Sandler, fugitive, computer god
David Mapother Adam Roth, painter
Michael Orick Dylan Bradley, an office worker, ex-musician
Anne Feinsod Madeline Berger, artist,stresser
Denise Feinsod Mimi Jachstenfeldt,art agent
Jennifer Lightstone Cathy, Beth's date at Adam's art opening
Peter Kruse Arnie Manderwhilt, art dealer
John Mabry Dan Roth, Adam's brother
Amy Shelf Leanne Roth, wife of Dan, mother of Nate
Forrest Orick Nate Roth, Dan and Leanne Roth's son
Michael Witkin Gabe Roth, Adam's dad
Devera Witkin Andrea Roth, Adam's mom
Sanae Barber Sienna, some babe
Darren Thompson Mark Rosenberry, acquaintance of Adam and Phil
Lawson Barnes Randall Lebeaux, owner of Cru Pour Vous
Sarah Edelstein Deassandra, Beth's date at the Seder
Warren Jackson Bill Weinstein, neighbor of Gabe-Andrea Roth
Michael Mechanic Ted Weinstein, partner of Bill
Alix Feinsod Lily Weinstein, daughter of Bill and Ted
Leslee Feinsod Dr Anise Satron, therapist
Derrick Sykes, Jr. Jamie, Nate's soccer teammate
Darcus Tucker Jamie's Dad,
Jackie Williams Dispatch,Bike messenger Dispatcher
Ruth Coffey 37, a courier who works with Beth
Gene Mahoney Laurence, late 60's Bookstore owner
Stan Feinsod Sheldon Hicks, linguistics expert
Michelle Alexander Babette, ditzy chick that Beth dates